July/August 2020

September 1, 2019

According to recent estimates, over 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year. Over 150 million metric tons of plastic currently circulate our oceans. The United Nations stated during a General Assembly high-level meeting that we have until 2030 to prevent...

September 1, 2019

Climate change is a growing concern in our society, spurred by rising temperatures, devastating natural disasters, catastrophic predictions, and counter-productive environmental policies enacted by President Trump in recent years. Climate change deniers exist among us,...

The facts about single-use plastic straws: 

  • average lifespan is less than 30 minutes;

  • Americans use 390 to 500 million single use plastic straws per day - enough to wrap around the earth 2.5 times;

  • plastic straws take 200-500 years to decompose; and

  • p...

September 1, 2019

I am a 10-year veteran, IBC Galvestonian and still eagerly exploring and bringing stories back to my chosen community to show us all how large, diverse, and exciting our own backyard can be. I am writing this from an adventure along the Texas Coast finding new stories...

As scientists are continuously evaluating the vital signs of our Earth, the diagnoses are coming back less and less promising if we continue our society’s way of life in this unsustainable direction. 

So, we’ve all heard it before – climate change. There are seemingly e...

September 1, 2019

It’s a warm Thursday morning as I pull up to Seeding Galveston on 33rd and N Avenue. The sun hasn’t fully come out yet; Seeding Galveston co-founder Debby, who will be giving me a tour of the farm, warned me to come by before it gets too hot. I’m excited to see the tur...

If you live in Galveston or visited our island over the past decade, you most likely have had an experience with seaweed. Even though it sometimes disrupts our surfing, swimming, or beach activities, seaweed is a very valuable resource for wildlife. When seaweed is rem...

September 1, 2019





Did you touch a soul and breathe a life into mind? One warm flicker so he could get it, now your folding cadence as the sighs streak the sun god. Those persistent hips stronger than your back hand.

He became a delta in the river then. Now love is scenic...

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