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103 Years of Protesting! Who does it Matter To?

On July 28, 1917, a group of between 8,000 and 10,000 African-American men, women, and children began marching through the streets of midtown Manhattan in what became known as the first Civil Rights Protest in American history.

On June 6, 2020, an estimated half million people of all races formed protest in 550 places across the country, due to the murder of George Floyd. Since Mr. Floyd's murder, many others, African-Americans and Latinos, have suffered or been killed due to police brutality or racial profiling. On August 28th, 2020, I was blessed to attend the #NAN Organization (founded by Al Sharpton) "Get Your Knee Off Our Neck" - March On Washington. Being at this march touched my spirit in a profound way. The night after the march was over, in my hotel room, I reflected on the injustices of African-Americans and Latinos across the United States and even in Galveston County. I thought about people who practice White Supremacy. I thought about the tactics of the Trump Administration to suppress voting throughout the U.S. I thought about the corruption on our local Galveston City Council that's been ongoing for years, yet has been swept under the rug.

In that hotel room in Washington, within my spirit I felt Elohim (GOD Mighty & Strong) say "You've got an assignment Lawanda." I actually said, “Lord you're kidding, right? (Knowing of course God is not a kidder.) I believe and know that when God brings me an assignment, I pray and ask that my steps be ordered only by His Divine Spirit to accomplish it. On October3rd 2020, The March On Galveston was held. I stepped out on Faith and obeyed my Creator Elohim. Citizens came together in SOLIDARITY FOR JUSTICE. & POSITIVE CHANGE. About 75 to 85 citizens came together in unity, of diverse races. Men, women,and children lined up with me and other community workers and campaign candidates, and we marched, rode bicycles , and skated down Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd (29th Street) to the Kermit Courville Stadium (The Platform Program Site), where approximately 80 to 90 or more people were awaiting our arrival.

God had put the right people in place including: the keynote speaker Dr. Robin Twymon; a variety of guest speakers; and candidates on the local and state level. World-wide known African Americans Blues Artist entertainers, Trudy Lynn and Diunna Greenleaf supported my efforts and kicked-off the Peaceful Rally for Justice & Positive Change. The event had a wide range of outstanding African American & Latino vendors promoting their entrepreneurships, as well as food vendors. Numerous voter registration & census booths were set up as well.

The time is right for citizens who believe in equality and justice for all to Get Up, Stand Up, and Speak Up. I'm not a member of BLM, however I believe in their mission and purpose.

Here we are 103 years after the first African American protest held in 1917, still fighting against racism. We cannot get away from the color question. The question is, who does it matter to?

It's time for peace, it's time for African Americans and others shades of Brown all over this world to be treated fairly. Those who practice hate, don't realize God does not slumber.



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