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Money & Economies

As Roger Waters said, “Money- it’s a drag.” For all of the good money can buy, it also brings about greed and can hinder lifestyles.

In this issue we explore money and economies not just here in Galveston, but as a global issue. From living as a minimalist (page 8) to futuristic currencies (page 12), there is a lot to think about. Some choose to save or invest all that they can. However, studies show that a majority of Galveston is living at or below the poverty level and does not have that option (page 15). What does it mean for our island’s economy and communities?

Our feature, Culture Clash Breakdown: Consumerism (page 16), highlights the good, bad and ugly about our nation’s spending. We at Culture Clash like to think you don’t need much, as long as you have each other.

We invite you to investigate your neighbors' views and opinions about money. Compare them to your own and determine for yourself money’s level of importance in your life.

Most of all, we invite you to the conversation. READ, ENJOY and PLEASE SHARE!

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