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GALVESTON PRO TIPS From @Aesthtically_Galveston

  • Learning Galveston history to have a deep appreciation for the island is important (ex. touring historic homes, visiting local museums, reading books about the island, etc.).

  • Learn to appreciate local art and be able to differentiate certain artists’ work throughout the city (Gabriel Prusmack vs. Derek Anderson)

  • Keep extra towels in the car for unexpected beach days or keeping sand off your seat.

  • Know how to navigate Galveston without taking Broadway and Seawall!

  • Don’t just shop local, but get to know the business owners. This allows you to get to know the people in the community you are supporting with your dollar.

  • Plan your weekends around City Events. Prepare for events by buying tickets early and knowing where to park. Know when to leave town if certain big events are too loud, crowded, or rowdy for your liking.

  • Be prepared for rain or hurricane weather (know where flooding occurs, when to move your car to higher ground, emergency hurricane kit, keep a pair rain boots)

  • Visit beach entrances that are not common for local tourists (East Beach 1C or Pointe West)

  • Discover which restaurants have quality food for their prices vs. high price toursity food.

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