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Business Intimacy

“Hello, how may I help you?” Usually these are the first few but important words from a retail business that one should hear, or something along those lines. If you are a business owner or desire to be one, then allow yourself to ponder this idea. When starting a business, wouldn’t it be helpful to understand all one could about creating the settings for business intimacy? Here are a few important elements to consider. Just like intimacy on any level, business intimacy can only last for a moment in time. As such, a business should always have an entrance plan and an exit plan. A relationship exists not only between a salesperson and a customer, but also with each individual business that the city has granted a license to own and operate alongside of your business. In professional business practices, I would recommend becoming acquainted with your business neighbors by taking time to communicate and support them. Should the business next door to you decline, the decrease in foot traffic could negatively impact your own sales and service. For this stark reality, learn beforehand how the city operates for or against your business plan and be prepared to make changes. The deepest concern for any business should be how it will fit into the community. Do your research to find out the community’s needs. The next consideration should be location and the building’s ability to self advertise. Your customers will love you for good lighting, parking, accessible areas for those who travel with disabilities, or being next to a coffee shop. Another small but important key to business intimacy achievement is to recognize the best advertisement is through self promotion or by those who are passionate about your business. Find the best geographic marketing presence in publication that will captivate your audience in print and on social media alike. Be genuine with your customers. Business intimacy must be recreated daily to keep a business entity going. If you listen, observe, and learn from your customers’ experiences of your goods/services, then you will achieve successful business intimacy.

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