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2020 was a horrible year; a bold statement but for many people, this statement is viciously true. 2020 consisted of a war scare, hornet swarms, large-scale forest fires, and

in the US alone around 14 million people were laid off and 269,000 died from COVID-19. It’s fair to say everyone is ready for this year to end. Sadly the effects of this year are more than capable of holding thousands of people back from their true potential.

In 2021 people need to get their act together.

Find the priorities of your life and commit. Stop procrastinating. You must dive headfirst into whatever assignment is nagging at your mind. An hour of sitting on your phone is not a break; it’s avoiding responsibilities. Slowly start working harder, and make it a habit.

Space out your obligations and get them done. Doing everything at once is too much stress. Why wait until the last minute to panic and finish tasks messily?

Organize your life. Get a planner, a journal, or use your notes and calendar app. Your life feels like a mess because your mind can’t remember and organize everything. Start writing things down, make a to-do list, figure out the best way to organize your thoughts, and stick to it.

Sit up straight, you know why your back hurts, you are sitting at your computer halfway off the chair with a hunchback.

Do what you love. Working and worrying have become the focal points of our lives in 2020. In this upcoming year, get back into old hobbies (or find new ones). Take a break when you get the chance and do an activity you honestly enjoy. Don’t forget the tasks you’re committed to, but don’t overwork yourself into misery.

Get started and find motivation. Watch some motivational speeches, put down your phone, and get to work. Unhelpful things and burdensome people must be forgotten and pushed aside.

Do something. You live once and you have a limited clock. Do what you love and what inspires you. Don’t go and waste your breath on things that will inevitably make you hate your own life. You will only succeed while doing the things you care for.

Nothing is ever achieved without action, and everyone has the potential to be important, so get yourself together and carpe diem.


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