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GALVESTON PRO TIPS From @Galveston_Hotspots

Experiencing Galveston as a local instead of visiting as a tourist changes you.

Or, at least, it did for us. We’ve been friends for several years and both previously lived in Houston for about 10 years after college. While working remotely in Houston during COVID and staring at screens all day long, we realized we needed a change of scenery. Galveston was the answer. It’s hard not to fall in love with the good vibes, deep-rooted history, and awe-inspiring island. This was the place where we wanted to start building a family with our husbands.

We wanted to share the magic of what we had discovered on the island with our friends, family, and fellow Texans. So, @Galveston_HotSpots, was created. Our Instagram account focuses on local shops, food and drink spots, and beach + remote work living. We love supporting local businesses, meeting members of this incredible Galveston community, and highlighting anything from trending places to traditional, historical sites. Although there are endless options of places to showcase, let’s dive in to 10 of our go-to spots.



AT-A-GLANCE: One of the most difficult adjustments to moving from Houston to Galveston was the lack of Thai food. We had about 5 GREAT Thai options on rotation in Houston so when we heard we were getting a Thai food restaurant we were ecstatic! So much so that when their grand opening was delayed, they got multiple Facebook messages from us. Once it opened (and first in line), we were very impressed with the dishes and fantastic quality of food. The Garden Thai has all the staples as well as unique specials that rotate.

WHEN TO VISIT: amazing lunch specials, cute patio for when the weather is nice, date night, girls night, very family friendly.

OUR FAVORITE DISHES: Thai tea, Som Tum, Pad Se-Eew, and Panang curry.


AT-A-GLANCE: Founded by Sicilians, Trattoria LaVigna offers authentic Italian cuisine that rivals the highestrated Italian cuisine in Houston. They have a flawless blend of Galveston and Sicilian flavor, fresh pasta homemade daily, and their dishes range from Chicken Cacciatore to Osso Buco. Even the harshest critics can’t be haters here!

WHEN TO VISIT: Date night, parents in town visit, friend’s celebration, whythe- hell-not for a weekday lunch, just got a promotion at work, passed a big test, post workout; really… any reason is a good reason to visit this little taste of Italy.

OUR MOST ORDERED ENTREES: Tagliatelle alla Bolognese, Veal Marsala, Beef Tortellini, and Shrimp Scampi.


AT-A-GLANCE: When it comes to food that Galveston does well, shrimp is no exception. It is plentiful and so many restaurants on the island do it perfectly, but Darlene’s is one of the best! They provide a unique experience making it stand out above the rest. First, the shrimp is always fresh since it’s caught daily, and they cook it to order. You can choose from many flavors including coconut and parmesan garlic. There are picnic tables overlooking the bay so you can grab some drinks and turn it into

a day-date!

ACCOMMODATIONS: go when the weather is nice since it is all outdoor seating, BYOB, food truck.

OUR FAVORITES: Garlic Parmesan and coconut shrimp, fries and crab sticks.



AT-A-GLANCE: The Grand Galvez needs no introduction as a historic beachfront hotel, but if you’ve never been or recently visited, it’s worth a trip! It’s been impeccably renovated recently with beautiful walkways, intricate décor, stunning chandeliers and their Founder’s Bar is ultra-lux. We pre-gamed here (that’s still a thing right?) before hitting the Culture Clash 5th anniversary party since we were all dolled up and felt like we were in the Great Gatsby.

VIBE: Refined, romantic, and classy but you can still be casual.

TOP RECOMMENDATIONS: 1900 storm cocktail, espresso martini, or prosecco. Cheers!


AT-A-GLANCE: With the largest selection of mezcal and tequila on the island, constant happy hour cocktail specials, and a lively atmosphere, this is a guaranteed fun time for all! You can see the passion in their craft cocktail menu w