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GAR Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

"Help... help... I can't breathe," are the words we heard George Floyd mutter. I know he was terrified and confused; wondering why this was happening to him. I think he must have also wondered why no one was helping him. I imagine he was hoping to God that one of his pleas would be responded to; someone would provide relief from the pressure of the officers holding him down and constricting his breath. Unfortunately, as we all know, when the pressure was released, it was too late for Mr. Floyd.

Mr. Floyd’s death was a somber and very urgent reminder of the sleeping beast that we tip-toed around for generations. The beast of racism and the inequality that comes as a result. This moment has gone down in history, but it is not unique to our past or our present. Life and circumstances have a way of bringing points of necessary growth back around, no matter how lightly we tip-toe. In the absence of critical dialogue and social impact, the nation demanded solutions and retribution. The nation demanded change!

In response to the outcry from the community about the injustices of inequality, the Galveston Association of Realtors formed a committee to address the inequalities in the field of realtors. This group was formed with diversity in mind including members from different backgrounds and ages. The committee’s main initiative is to cultivate diversity, equity, and inclusion within the local community and the local Association of Realtors.

In 2020, the Real Estate Scholarship fund was created as an opportunity for individuals belonging to underrepresented populations, who are interested in working in the real estate field, funds to further their career. This year the committee selected one individual to receive the scholarship. However, we do not want to stop there. Our committee believes that we can make an impact in the culture of our community. We can impact the lives of a few, or we can increase our impact by offering additional scholarships for eligible applicants.

We believe that people are innately good and have the desire to be of service to others. We are seeking leaders to make the courageous choice to take a stand with us. To achieve our goal of increasing our impact in Galveston, we are calling on the community to help us raise awareness. An increase of donations to our scholarship funds allows us to continue awarding scholarships to those that are underserved and underrepresented in our community and to achieve the future initiatives of the committee as we grow.

Get involved! Give back!

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Visit https:// for more information on how to apply for a scholarship.

If you are not sure how you fit in or why this should matter to you- JUST ASK!


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