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Open your Doorway to the Divine

Understanding sexual energy is the key for improved health. It is the doorway to the divine and can expand consciousness, with proper understanding and passion.

It shouldn’t be feared, nor abused. We need to be aware of our sexual energy and accepting of others, but also be prepared to look past all the sexual energy that is surrounding us. All of us hold and release a different sexual energy. It is when we can understand and accept this, then we will feel and see the purest and most beautiful form of this spiritual ability.

Unlock your sexual energy Sex can be like meditation, or even a psychedelic experience. Pushing our minds and bodies to understand more than the physical aspect allows us to create the energy we want to release. Subsequently, enabling us to be aware of the energy, we radiate and receive, as well as balance our chakras.

Overlooking the physical aspect leads our mind and bodies to become aware of the power within the balance of our chakras. However, society places a standard on the beauty that is deeper than what we can see. The beauty that is released leads one to the divine.

Two keys to better sex Chakras help us understand our lifestyles and they allow us to recognize where our energy might be falling short. There are two chakras that I believe are the most important when creating a healthy sex life: Muladhara, the root chakra, and svadhishthana, the sacral chakra.

Muladhara is the root chakra of your body, located at the base of your spine, seen in variations of red. The brighter you envision your chakra the stronger that energy is. The root chakra focuses on your connection with Earth and helps you feel grounded. It promotes your instincts and helps you find you truest desires. Understanding this will help you find your foundation for understanding your sexual energy and more importantly how you want to release and receive it.

The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen and seen as a variation of oranges. It helps with a multitude of things: the well-being of your sexuality, sensuality, self-expression, your desire for love, emotional interactions and connections, and your relationships. Recognizing when this chakra is out of balance can completely change your sex life, overall health and balance. The sacral chakra is associated with your ovaries and testicles. If you are having issues with reproduction, there are meditations for this chakra to help promote positive and healing energy to your endocrine glands.

Chakras bring us closer to ourselves. Although these two specific chakras have helped strengthen my sex life, there may be other chakras that will better help you balance your sexual energy.

Enter into a new sexuality I encourage everyone to study the chakras and focus on the overall balance. We want to strive to create bright visions of energy. This will help us give healing energy to others as well as ourselves.

Surround yourself with the ones who shine the same light as you. Find a partner who keeps your chakras in balance. Doing this can open doors to a beautiful place of euphoria.

To truly reach the doorway to the divine, we must understand our own truth, learn to respect all forms of positive sexual energy, and strive to stay in balance with our own energy.


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