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Finally Home (explicit)


The following article submission is explicit in nature and not intended for audiences under 18 years of age.


I know you were not expecting me home today. I wasn't expecting the stars and planets to align as they did to make it possible for me to be standing in front of you with miles, walls, fences, and bars no longer between us. I have waited so long for this moment, and now it has arrived, time seems to stand still. Taking you into my arms has been my only wish for years, but right this instant, all I want to do is feast my eyes on the perfection that is you and your body.

You are so beautiful to me baby! My eyes slowly slide down your body taking you all in. The way your hair is pulled into a messy ponytail, leading strand draped over your face and cute ears. Your t-shirt slightly pulled to the side showing your perfect skin of your neck as it turns into your shoulder. How your breasts push against the front of it as you gasp and surprise at seeing me. The flare of your waist turning into sexy hips, thighs, legs, ankles, too cute feet and strapped sandals. Your jeans hug you all in the spots that I want to hug you!

My eyes move back up to meet yours and I know that you realize that the effect you are having on me because you give me a oh-so-sexy smirk. Time suddenly speeds up once again and you are suddenly in my arms, pressed tight against me. The lips I have hungered for so long are kissing mine and they are more delicious than I ever imagined or dreamt of. Your lips are my favorite part of your body baby. We kiss softly at first, as if to allow our lips to finally say hello, then the floodgates crash open and our kissing becomes deeper, harder, and almost frantic.

My hands slide down your back to your perfect ass. I hold each cheek in my palms like I have dreamt of night after night. After a bit, I reach one hand between us to unsnap your jeans (when did button fly jeans add so many fucking buttons?!), then I slide both my hands inside them to feel that perfect panty cladded butt in my palms again. Your butt is my favorite part of your body baby. I pull your hips against me so you have no doubt how much I need and want you, since my desire strains to break free of its own prison. You moan into my mouth and it's your turn to move your hands between us to undo my pants and it's much easier-to-use zipper. Suddenly, your hand is around me, grasping, then tugging on me, and it's my turn to moan into your mouth.

In danger of collapsing to the floor and taking you right there in the entrance of your place with the door wide open, I use every ounce of my willpower I possess to remove my hands from your perfect ass and pull away, causing you to reluctantly release your possessive hold on my throbbing cock. I quickly close and lock your door, then pick you up and carry you to the nearest couch, where I set you down, although maybe not as gently as I should. In my defense, it's you that has driven me wild with want and I waited too long to be polite now. I stand in front of you and pull my clothes off in seconds like I recently did when I had to get strip-searched prior to visits from you. This time though, my clothes stay off. Your eyes widen as they gravitate to my cock, which bobs up and down probably with the beating of my heart, like a bird strutting and bobbing at a mating dance (a rooster!). Both apprehension and hunger show in your beautiful eyes. I love those beautiful eyes and they are my favorite part of your body baby. I look down at you like a starving man at a buffet, which I am, and am wondering where to start first.

Falling to my knees in front of you, I begin with the straps of your sandals. Why they aren't velcro, I don't know, but I soon have them off and can finally peel your pants off from your perfect legs, which are my favorite part of your body baby. You don't even have to worry about lifting up off the couch because my tugging is actually yanking, and they come off of you in about half a second, which is still way too long. So rather than waste precious time on your t-shirt, I grasp it and rip it right up the middle, which in a funny twist of irony, sounds just like velcro separating. I wish all your clothes were Velcro.

So there I am on my knees before you, between your splayed perfect size. Your butt is on the edge of the couch and you're leaning back watching me devour you with my eyes. You are so beautiful and sexy baby and I have waited for this moment for years. Your breasts move up and down in your silky bra and I can see your nipples thrusting against it and you breathe deeply. I look down between your thighs in front of me and can see the shape of your pussy against your thin panties. My mouth waters and I lean forward to worship you my queen, my goddess.

I graze your lips with the tip of my tongue through your panties, and start dragging it up and down and across the hard little nub of your clitoris, then back down, as if to saw you open with my tongue. You lean back further against the back of the couch and I pull your legs apart wider, feeling you shudder against my cheeks as I run my tongue up and down your center, both of us together causing the material of your panties to become wet and translucent. I look up at you between your breasts as I stroke you with my tongue harder, trying to enter you through your panties in my eagerness to get inside you. After a while I realized your panties are too much of a barrier and as much as I am enjoying myself, it is taking way too long to wear them away using my tongue alone. So I quickly slide them off of you and immediately return my mouth to you, sliding my tongue deep into you, feeling the heat of your pussy. I slowly start to nod my head up and down, my tongue dragging from the bottom, to the inside, and along the top of your delicious pussy, then firmly across your clit. I'll let my tongue stroke it using the flat of it near the back to the tip, using it to flick your clit a few times before starting at the bottom again to repeat my nod.

I have wanted to go down on you since the first day I saw you, before I even met you. I dreamt of you before me like this before I even knew your name. Now, as I know between your gorgeous legs, trying to lick your belly button from the inside, I realize that you are better than any dream that ever was. Your pussy is my favorite part of your body baby, and I can't get enough of it. I pull back a little to look at it, opening it up with my thumbs so I can softly blow on your clit, before I lean back forward to suck it between my lips. I suckle on it, flicking it with my tongue when I feel your hands on my head, pulling me against you as you start to thrust your hips up, moving your pussy up and down my face. You're smooth thighs quiver against my cheeks as you suddenly squeeze them, letting out a sexy moan as you come in my mouth, holding my head tight against your center as you shudder through it. You hold my head still, but I still work my tongue in my lips on and in you as you ride your orgasm out. Soon, your hold slackens, but I am not done yet. Before the waves recede, I start to work my finger inside you and suckle your clit, pulling it in and out, rubbing the flat of my tongue in circles across it. I use my other hand to work underneath you, wrapping it around your waist to hold you from squirming away as I start to speed up. My finger slides in and out and I begin to hum around your clit with a “Mmmmm”. I soon feel your impending orgasm approaching like a tidal wave. As it nears, I curl my finger inside of you in a “come here” motion, stroking the tip of my finger against your g-spot. You shudder hard against me as you begin to come and I quickly start shaking my head in a short “no no no” motion, dragging your clit along with it. Your gasps come quicker and you finally let out a long wail as you come hard for me, squeezing and spasming around my finger. I am looking up at your face as you arch your body up. Your breasts strain toward the ceiling and your nipples threaten to poke through the thin material of your bra. Your nipples are my favorite part of your body baby.

I lean back from you and stand to look at you, your chest heaving and your legs still quivering. It's time baby. I can wait no longer, so I nudged you a bit so you are laying with your back on the armrest, and I get on the couch between your legs. My cock aches to be inside you, so I lean over you, hold myself up with one hand on the couch by your shoulder. My other hand grabs my dick as I lean closer and rub the head across your pussy like my tongue was just a minute ago. You look into my eyes as I slowly lower myself, my cock nudging your lips apart as I begin to enter you. It feels so good that I begin to hear clanging in my head like the sound of a big metal key banging against the walls of a cage.

Wait wait... No, please no! I open my eyes to the ceiling of my concrete Box 2 and 1/2 feet above my face.

"Count time! Name and number! Count time!" yells the guard as he clangs his big key across the bars in front of my box.

That's okay baby. I waited years for you, and I'll wait many more as it takes for you. But someday, I'll be there….

I know you won't be expecting me home that day, and I won't be expecting the stars and planets to have aligned to like they will to make it possible for me to be standing in front of you, looking at your beautiful messy ponytail that day. By the way, your hair is my favorite part of your body baby...

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