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Young Mothers

Only viewed in darkness Only seen as one thing

A negative They see her alone

Slut! Disgusting! Stupid! Shot like bullets their word squeez Salty tears out of her eyes

She goes home to a house of anger and disappointment

She shut the door whose now her only friend Isolates herself...

loneliness is her new found comfort

With a small faint cry, she takes Soft yet firm steps,

out of the darkness Clearing her path

Pain and suffering slowly get pushed aside.

At a small white bassinet

Their eye meet sharing the phrase “Your safe now, no harm will come to you”

Her finger caressed the small child cheek A smile replaces the tears that once filled her face

She feels the warmth from her child’s embrace

Standing in the light that is hidden in the dark

She begins to tell of a tale we have all heard from the start

Once upon a time A girl was young and in love

She had created a beautiful gift for her lover But he had betrayed her

So she kept the gift Despite what many had said

Now she's left with a new beginning to a bitter end

Only seen through the innocent eyes of a sweet child Can one find

The light in every kingdom of darkness.


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