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Absolute Equality Mural

In March 2021, world-renowned artist Reginald Adams and his team of artists, the Creatives, began to place paint

on the wall of the Old Galveston Square building located at 2217 Strand. The east facing wall of the building has been exposed and visible since the Osterman building was torn down many years ago.

The Osterman building was the location of the Union Headquarters on June 19, 1865 when Major General Gordon Granger gave the command to issue General Order number three that freed the enslaved people of Texas. Granger had issued and signed General Orders one and two, but Major Frederick W. Emery wrote and signed General Orders three, four and five.

This public art project is so much more than paint on the wall. As the country begins to reimagine monuments and memorials in public spaces, Galveston is leading by example with the Absolute Equality mural. This storytelling space will be an outdoor classroom where visitors to the site can learn the history of Juneteenth and the continued push for absolute equality.

The mural will include an augmented reality feature that will allow visitors to the site to use smartphones to learn the history of the images in the mural. Danny Asberry El is President of Solel International, a nonprofit organization specializing in reviving communities through arts and culture. Solel was the first in Houston to create augmented reality murals, thanks to the partnership they share with the Uncover Everything App Company headed by Damien Johnson.

Solel agreed to use their augmented reality technology to create a 4-Dimensional experience to be included with the Absolute Equality mural. This is cutting edge technology that will transform the southwest corner of 22nd and Strand in Galveston.

This public art project is truly a community project. There are many pieces to the puzzle that have made this a reality. First was the history and idea for a mural. Second was getting approval from Mitchell Historic Properties to paint the mural on the building. Next was finding an artist to provide a rendering of the mural that we could submit to the Galveston Landmark Commission for approval.

We also had to find a local non-profit to partner with and the Nia Cultural Center agreed to work with the Juneteenth Legacy Project. Last, but not least we needed public support and funding to cover the cost of the project. Donations have been made at various levels and all support for the project is greatly appreciated. You are invited to join us as we make

history while saving history on the island.

We have a grassroots campaign asking for donations of at least $18.65 that can be made through our GoFundMe Charity page or mailed to Nia Cultural Center, Inc. Attn: Juneteenth Legacy Project, PO Box 1491, Galveston TX 77553. No donation is too big or too small. You can also visit our website to sign up for volunteer opportunities.


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