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Curious Galveston Photography

A favourite time to work for most Galveston Photographers is sunrise and sunset. The light is warm, the angle is low, it bathes the subject in golden tones and it triggers the beginning of a new day or brings a spectacular close to an already good one. The multi-sensory experience of sight and sound during these two times is glorious. Morning imparts a pre-dawn glow that awakens each new day and bathes it in hues of red and orange. The same happens at sunset with the exception that dusk supplies a slightly different color and sharpness. With the sun, just above an eastern or western horizon, it hugs all it touches in fiery hues. The visible world is caressed by long shadows, shapes and textures. Both are magical times of the day, especially in Galveston.

Galveston architecture allows for dark and classically spooky photographic subjects. While the island itself is rich with history, the homes and buildings silently scream out their stories with hard angles and warn details. Many have marveled at the beauty and complexity of our urban landscape and speculated over the curious happenings that once may have taken place there.


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