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Got to be Galveston

If you came to the Third coast looking for artistic expression and vibrancy, you are not alone. Our eclectic little island is home to several artist-inhabited enclaves. In fact, we have some of the best artists in the county cropping up at unique venues centralized in the downtown Galveston area. If unique spaces and obscure art are what you want, it has got to be Galveston!


The National Hotel Artist Lofts (NHAL) were built in 1870 as an opera house and the building enjoyed a glamorous but brief reign as Galveston’s cultural centerpiece. In 1895, a new owner substantially rebuilt it as an office building. Five years later, it survived the great hurricane of 1900, which leveled much of Galveston. It subsequently housed a bank, various stores and offices, and the National Hotel.

Developed at a cost of $3.6 million, this important Galveston landmark has now been reborn as the National Hotel Artist Lofts, a 27-unit live/work building that includes both affordable and market-rate housing as well as ground-floor commercial space via the Proletariat where artists can display their works.

We love the NHAL for its unique shows and quirky cubbies such as their Space Place where residents can zone out, or the Costume Closet where you can become anyone you want to be. 2221 Market St, Galveston, TX 77550


Second on the list is Donovan and Rebecca’s 1805 Market. This space is Galveston’s own unofficial circus, speakeasy, burlesque cabaret, and acrobatic studio offering one of a kind shows, events, and aerial arts classes. 1805 Market Street is a unique oasis near the heart of historic downtown Galveston, created with love by seven-time Guinness World Record holding vocal and acrobatic act, Donovan and Rebecca.

These world class performers have chosen Galveston to lay down roots after traveling and touring throughout the globe. Together they have created an oasis where artistry meets talent and skill, in a restored 1889 building transformed into a unique arts center. After falling in love with the architecture, they decided to create a venue that would accommodate both their love for performance, and their rigorous training regiment. In doing so, they found a marvelous, supportive, and welcoming community with a seemingly unquenchable thirst for art, live performance, and the unusual. 1805 Market St. Galveston Tx 77551


Third and finally we have been Galveston Artist Residency(GAR). This once cotton-bailing factory and later tavern, is the island’s refuge to visiting artists who are encouraged to create freely. GAR awards three artist-in-residence fellowships a year. For ten months, from October through July, each artist receives 24/7 access to a 500 sq./ ft. studio space, an apartment a couple blocks away, and a monthly stipend. This ten month period is viewed as a gift of time for artists to make their work.

The GAR Gallery and courtyard is open to the public Tuesday - Saturday from 11am - 4pm. 2521 Mechanic St. Galveston, TX 77550


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