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Sustainable Periods

The average menstruating person will spend 3,500 days of their life menstruating. Let’s say a person uses 3 period products each day of their period (a conservative estimate). On average, that is 10,500 period products, and with single use products, it is easy to see how much waste is generated by a process that is seemingly unavoidable. However, perpetuating sustainable practices even during your period is possible.

I am lucky enough to have a mom who taught me about sustainable period products from the very beginning. When I got my first period, I was given Lunapads. At first, I was embarrassed, frustrated that I had to use something different than my peers. I felt these reusable pads hanging on my laundry line outside broadcasted to the world “I’m different!” I asked my mom to give me “normal” paper pads, and she did. However, the Lunapads were always available to me, and it did not take me long to realize what a better option fabric pads were. Sustainability aside, fabric pads were much more comfortable, and cheaper as I didn’t have to buy them once a month. I got over the embarrassment pretty quickly. Sustainability means something different to everyone, so I could not possibly list every option, but knowing what options are available is the first step towards incorporating sustainability into your menstrual cycle.

Making the best choice for you and your period is most important, and perpetuating sustainability in any way you can comes secondary to your health. Go forth and be sustainable!


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