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The Art of Victoria Kowalenko

Victoria Kowalenko has been creating art since childhood and is constantly looking for new mediums to incorporate into her art. She was in the UTMB Physician Assistant class of 2020. She currently works in Orthopedic Spine Surgery at Houston Methodist and is inspired by her work each day.

Victoria’s work was recently featured at the Proletariat here in Galveston. Victoria wanted to combine themes of nature and anatomy to show the beauty of life, death, and the human form. She says,

"The style and subject matter for the art in my show came to me during the peak of the COVID-19 lockdown in April/May2020. That period was interesting in the sense that I was a physician assistant student anxiously gearing up to be thrown into my career, in the midst of a pandemic, but also trying to remain grateful and optimistic about what life has to offer. I wanted my art to not only be inspired by my love for medicine and anatomy but to capture the ups and downs of being human, and how beautiful that all can be."

Learn more about Victoria or purchase her art by emailing:


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