A Blunt Poem

June 21, 2019


My name is Xach Blunt Yes, that is my real name

No, I am not a stoner

However, I do like weed In moderation It helps take the edge off


I prefer Blunts over bowls Bowls over bongs Joints over all
I’m not picky about my paper I don’t fuck with synthetic

Indica is okay Sativa is more my strain But hey, If all we got is Reggie That’s cool too


Let’s blaze the fuck up!


I can get you high Like I can get you real high

Like I can get you so high You wouldn’t be able to finish a sentence?


Okay maybe that’s a little bit too high

Maybe I am just a little bit of a stoner
But Isn’t this my birthright?

Isn’t this my name sake?

To be stoner

To be blunt


I never beat around the bush


I set the branches ablaze

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