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Warm Food

I am so excited for school today.

Today they are serving pizza for lunch.

I spent most of my morning fantasizing about delicious, melted cheese topped with crispy pepperoni.

Today we are learning about the radius and diameter of circles in math.

I could only think about the crispy pepperoni, in the shape of a circle, that I would see in a few hours.

Last week, in Health, we learned about meal proportions.

I never knew dinner was supposed to be an abstract plate consisting of veggies, proteins, AND whole grains.

Last night, for “dinner,” I had cheese rolled up in a tortilla.

I have no oven or microwave to heat my meal, but I was still satisfied with the artificial cheese folded in the cold tortilla.

Today, at lunch, my table mates described our cafeteria pizza as wet bread covered in rubber cheese, topped with plastic meat. They said they wanted Dominos.

I have never had pizza from a “pizza place,” like Dominos.

Today was an amazing day.

I really enjoyed learning about circumference.

But today was especially good because…

I had pizza for lunch.


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