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Practicing the Poke

Adam Garrison

My name is Adam Garrison, I’m a local artist born and raised here in Galveston Texas. I’ve always loved art of all kinds and the many diverse ways in which it can be applied. I enjoy learning about the materials used and admiring the final outcome of someone’s creativity. I started getting tattooed at the age of 18 and haven’t stopped wanting to be tattooed since. I love everything about getting a tattoo, although everyone would agree that pain is typically the only downside to it.

I started my tattoo venture about four years ago after receiving a tattoo from my friend, James “Gotti” Flores. He taught me a few methods and sold me some of his old equipment. Thank you, James, I appreciate you.

I started out by tattooing myself and, over time, quit using a machine and started instead using a sewing needle to hand poke the ink into my skin. I realized that the hand poking method can be reliable and a unique way of tattooing. I started getting better needles of different sizes and gauges, and also got a decent hand poking tool in order to offer high quality, hand poked tattoos. I’ve now been doing hand poked tattoos for three years and have had nothing but good experiences. I specialize in small to medium sized (occasionally large) American, traditional, black ink hand poked tattoos.

I pride myself on always practicing proper cleaning and sterilization. I’ve never had an opportunity to work in a shop or apprentice thus far but I make sure to uphold the same safety measures and credibility. This is what I love to do. If you’re truly passionate about something, you shouldn’t give a fuck about the obstacles you will face along the way. It’s no walk in the park and I knew that from the very beginning. However, the only way to learn something for yourself is by practicing it.

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