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Just Beer-cause

A bubbly brew is the potion we need to invoke the magic of island time in our busy lives. Mingling the meditative practice of deep breathing with deep imbibing of rich floral, fruity, sweet, and even savory brews brings us in tune with the nature of our island. Our breweries are built by friends and offer a place for the communities we love as much as a watering hole for our over-taxed agendas. I cannot keep up with the explosion of breweries on this island and in near-by Galveston cities, but breweries like Galveston Island Brewing, Brews Brothers, and Devil in the Deep are founded by personal friends of diverse communities coming together to see their dreams manifest. I am utterly comfortable bringing my daughter and even Girl Scout Troop to these family friendly spaces and take every chance to invite my family, friends, and colleagues to explore both the spaces and experiment with flavors they have never tried. It’s magical watching a friend find their perfect pairing in the place they can fit comfortably. Other places don’t have the same invitation Galveston gives to locals and tourists alike.

I travel as a professional and as an academic. I find, no matter which city I visit, the local breweries have a similar sense of peace and community. As a traveler, I seek community when I am out of my normal space. As an “other” place in contrast to work and home, a local craft brewery is a third space that lends diversity to my routine and encourages connection through common interest and new experiences. Perpetually curious, I love learning through experimentation with diverse brews from the award-winning to wildly edgy beers (hated bacon beer for the record) about the science and art that goes into craft brewing. Strike up a conversation with any local brewer and be prepared to learn more than you imagined about hops, grain, and water and make a friend along the way.

Beer creates the community vibe I seek among neighborhoods, cities, counties, and states. Maybe further. Those of us on the island, spread your island vibes, be open to trying new brews, and listen to the stories of others as they contribute to the microbrew community of Galveston.


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