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Small But Mighty - BeerFoot Brewery- Galveston

Beerfoot Brewery, located at 28th & Seawall in Galveston, TX, is an artisan brewery that produces three half-barrel kegs per week. We are unique in that we never brew the same beer twice. There is always something new on tap to try. We are also the only craft brewery in Texas that has a full oceanview.

Mark Dell'Osso, of Galveston Island Brewery, was our first brewer, which allowed Mark to test the market with many of those beers that you currently enjoy like Tiki Wheat and Blue Bridge Amber. We have the luxury of a small based brewery to experiment and have the wildest of beers. As wild as it sounds, we want to collaborate with another craft brewer to make beer with yeast ground from the brewer's beard. Depending on this occasion, we will produce Christmas ales, Oktoberfest beers, Mardi Gras beers, Houston Astros beers, and anything else that fits our fancy.

Beerfoot Brewery is also a full mix-beverage establishment; that is why we are unable to bottle and distribute our beer. So even if you are hanging out with someone who doesn't enjoy craft beer, you can bring them to our brewery to enjoy a cocktail or whiskey from our extensive collection. Our brewery also offers plenty of entertainment from Drunk Jenga, Golden Tee, and Fooseball, to Ping-Pong, Darts, and a Pool Table.

Downtown and Doin' It - Devil in the Deep Brewery - Galveston Devil and the Deep Brewery serves craft beer in the historic downtown district of Galveston. The island has built a great beer community with three breweries and numerous specialty bars delivering craft goodness. Devil and the Deep Brewery has steadily crafted instant classics like Molly Brown and Over Current. The brewery’s entry into the wildly popular New England IPA style of beer, Sleeping Elder Gods, has become a fan favorite with its juicy and hop forward flavors.

The pandemic has been a challenge to maneuver for many and the beer industry was not spared. The taproom remained closed for over two months. The crew managed to keep the beer flowing by bottling brews for drive up orders to take home and enjoy. They plan to expand their bottle options to restaurants and cafes where draft options are unavailable. When the taproom is open to the public, guests are often invited to share their passion and expertise about marine and global environmental issues. Earlier this year, they welcomed a presentation and discussion from Dr. Tim van Emmerik, a Netherlands researcher, who shared his research of plastic pollution. Local environmentalist, Sasha Francis, has also contributed and shared her work and research, helping to inform and engage our community. Devil and the Deep Brewery plans to continue their support and outreach with local and international science communities. After all, beer is science.

Galveston Beer Behemoth - Galveston Island Brewing - Galveston The crew at Galveston Island Brewing (GIB) has a passion for delicious and unique styles of beer from around the world. Over the last six years our island community has watched GIB grow from a bootstrap-out-of-the-way rusty brewery with just two beers on tap, to the county’s largest brewing facility. GIB has been busy perfecting everything from American IPA’s to authentic European styles from almost every beer producing country on that side of the pond. Its family atmosphere, with a newly renovated yard area and shiny new playground has the feel of your buddy’s backyard combined with a top-notch beer bar, any beer fan’s dream. We spoke with Owner Mark Dell’Osso about the journey to where it stands today. “Since the day we’ve opened, everyone who has worked at GIB has a devotion for producing the best beer possible no matter the cost, time or effort. That pride in our product paired up with the amazing community support we have been shown has given us the ability to not just thrive and sustain but invest and grow some of the specialty projects we have always dreamed of doing.


A few years ago we felt it was time to expand our barrel aging program. The process involves placing high alcohol beer into spirits barrels and letting them mature and absorb the flavors of the oak barrel and previous spirits that sat in them for years. The first time we tried, it flopped pretty badly. We had to dump all the beer we aged for a whole year. We went back to the drawing board and created a clean, temperature- and humidity-controlled space. Since then we have filled that room with barrels and created a near year-round supply of our house barrel aged imperial stout, Samson in a Barrel. Now that the barrel aging is in full swing we’ve moved some of our attention to a unique style the whole crew at GIB really digs -- sours. Sours are beer second fermented with live cultures of various bacteria (yup bacteria) to create some varying degree of tart or sour. Paired with different fruits and aged for over a year in wine and spirits barrels, it makes for a unique and delicious slow sipping beer unlike anything we normally brew.


In the early days of the brewery it was like the wild west. We woke up in the morning and decided what to brew based on what ingredient we had or could afford. As the demand for our products grew, so did the need for some planning and organization. We’d have weeks where there were no IPAs available and others that had only IPA’s packed into the cooler. We realized if we wanted to develop and brew new and interesting stuff we would have to organize and grow the process of making beer before and after the grain ever hit the mash tun. Slowly we morphed from a shit show of dirty brewers to a business that had invoices and paid bills on time, along the way keeping to who we are, a group of beer enthusiasts who spend every day wanting to make new and better beers for those willing to spend their hard earned dollars on our suds, focused on quality and not the bottom line.We also had to figure out who we wanted our little brewery to be and how little we wanted it to stay. Honestly, we still haven’t made a hard decision on that but are letting our local demand for beers other than our beloved Tiki Wheat & Citra Mellow IPA drive our decisions on our future. Hazy IPA’s and new fruited beers keep things interesting. Innovation along with a desire to get our products to the hands of thirsty Houstonians, who give us almost as much love as locals, but still can’t get our product, are taking our focus these days. Unfortunately, GIB is at its max capacity with all of our great beer getting sold and consumed close to home, so you still have to head toward the smell of salt water to get our great brews, but maybe not for long.…

Off Island But on Our Map - Fetching Lab Brewing Company - Texas City The Fetching Lab Brewing Company opened its doors in February 2015. Just like the Labrador Retriever, we have a strong desire to please our customers with a blend of hard work and intelligence. We take pride in every offering we produce and live by the motto, “Smart dogs making great beer for hard working people.” The current Fetching Lab Brewery manufacturing facility is a 1,750 square foot structure located on a beautiful four-acre plot near Alvin, Texas. While somewhat difficult to find, the location was chosen for its small-town charm while still maintaining access to the Houston market. The facility is considered a startup location with plans to eventually move to a larger facility.

In December 2018, Fetching Lab opened an offsite taproom on Texas City’s historic Downtown 6th Street to better share our products with eager customers. The Taproom resides in a local landmark building (formerly Agee’s Pharmacy). Built in 1920, this stoutly-constructed piece of American history is one of the closest surviving buildings to the 1947 Texas City Explosion when it acted as the triage center for the disaster. Having also survived numerous hurricanes and one massive fire, this tough old building has helped define Fetching Lab: hard-working and dependable with a lot of character. As you enter the Taproom you are greeted by another antique piece of Americana. The mahogany bar that acts as the centerpiece for the establishment was commissioned by none other than Sam Maceo for his first Galveston establishment on his way to local legendary fame. The Taproom is family and pet friendly with an outside sitting area and plenty of games.

While the day to day operations are run by a hard-working team with a passion for craft beer, it is the management that makes Fetching Lab Brewery a fun environment. Bella (Labrador Retriever American) is the Chief Canine Officer that provides the example everyone else operates by. Work hard, be open to new ideas, and above all… keep your eye on the ball!

And let us not forget the beers. The Taproom maintains a broad selection of brews that cover a wide range of tastes. Balancing local favorites with an ever-increasing portfolio of new offerings, there will always be something to delight you. From the renowned Blue Mischief Blueberry Cream Ale to the dark and delicious Midnight Watch Porter, or the floral Fetcher In The Rye (a Juniper Rye ale), we are sure to find something for every taste bud. So, swing by the Taproom at 221 6th North 6th Street, Texas City to relax and try some of our fantastic brews.

Check out Facebook (@fetchinglabbrewery) and Web page ( for current hours and to check for public events such as pet vaccinations/adoptions days, local festivals, charity events (such as Fetching Lab’s Save-A-Life Program) as well as beer releases and holiday parties. If you would like to reserve the Taproom for a private event, please feel free to contact us through social media, email, phone, or in person at the Taproom.And always remember, “Everyone Love a Lab!”

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