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Childbirth is Beautiful, and Motherhood is Gardening

Children are the saplings parents plant in their garden, a floral family growing up together. From the first glimpse at the reality of pregnancy, to the preparations for the baby, becoming a mother is a beautiful time in womanhood. However, with great motherhood comes great responsibility: Giving birth to another human being. Childbirth is intimidating for many soon to be moms, but to many more women, it is lifechanging. Local mom, Kela Sanchez, shares her experience with childbirth, and tells the first chapter of her baby girl’s life.

As the months passed and the due date inched closer, Sanchez said, “ I thought I would go into labor naturally, and for as long as possible at home.” Her plans went a little bit differently than what she imagined, but she continued, “I went in for my 40-week check-up, and they said the baby's heart rate wasn’t quite what they wanted it to be, and they wanted me to go in immediately and get induced. If my husband wasn’t so scared that something was gonna go wrong, I think I would’ve wanted to stick it out. We went in later that night to get induced, and that was the part that was the hardest for me. When it came to the moment of bringing her into the world, I wanted to have my space. The hospital staff seemed to understand that about me, they mostly left me alone other than the occasional check-ups and pokes and prods that they have to do.”

Despite giving birth in a not so comfortable dream come true, she stated that her daughter was “perfect, so there's really no wishing for anything else.” The Sanchez family is thrilled to have their daughter in their lives, and are now a garden of blooming flowers and growing seeds underneath the Galveston sun.


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