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Greater Heights

What is masculinity? In my opinion, it’s an outdated term for how men are expected to act in public and private. A set of guidelines that define your manhood. Problem is, I don’t fit into that box and have friends who feel the same way. Masculinity is a term used to stereotype men and how we are expected to act, but it is not a law and like all things in life, can be changed, but it takes all of us working together to make waves and end stereotypes. Let your son play Barbies with his sister, let your sons cry at movies, and most of all make sure they know that they are not wrong or less than anyone else because they don’t do what everyone else does. At the end of the day we all poop brown, and bleed red so let’s not let silly stuff like what makes a man a “man” divide us. Instead, let’s teach our kids love, kindness, vulnerability, and most of all, equip them to be who they want to be without worrying what someone else might think. Being a man or woman should not be decided by dated expectations, and it certainly shouldn’t only be about what equipment you’re born with. Even just two people can make a difference.

For me personally masculinity is being in touch with my emotions; being available mentally and physically to my wife, friends, and family, and being able to motivate those around me to reach greater heights. I am a man who cries at movies, calls things cute, acts incredibly silly, and wears nail polish.

I can’t pretend I have the answers or know what makes a “man”. But I know what makes a good person; a kind heart, integrity, reliable and kindness in the face of hatred. Regardless of how one lives, I don’t think as a society we should be training people to say someone is lesser because they grew up differently or lived a different life than they did. This only works to further the divide of a nation that is already at one another’s neck over every other topic.


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