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Hike For Hope

The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention's Galveston Hike For Hope took place on March 26,2022 at Menard Park.

I guess you could say this event is my “baby.” It took me awhile to get this organization to Galveston and as the event chair I had so many mixed emotions and expectations. One of my biggest struggles was putting myself out there and allowing my life and my story to be so transparent. I wasn’t used to being so vulnerable but I quickly got past that. I lost my mom to suicide and want to use my voice to help other’s who have suffered the same loss. This is why bringing AFSP to Galveston was so important to me.

I definitely couldn’t do this without the help of my amazing Co-Chair and friend Stephanie Waltman. She grew up in Galveston, has many connections to the community and a huge passion for mental health awareness. She pours her heart into this organization while balancing a full time job and family life that includes being a mommy to two young daughters. Stephanie definitely keeps me grounded and is exactly what I need to remind me to stay focused. She’s a great advocate and uses her own personal struggles to reach others. We make a great team! Our AFSP nickname has become The Dynamic Duo which is also the name of our fundraising team. Together we do community outreach and are now working on planning our second Hike for Hope set for March 25, 2023.

Our first event had nearly 600 people in attendance, many local vendors, non profit vendors, music, food trucks, and even a kids area. We want people to know this is more than just a 5K. It’s a great opportunity for reflection and connection. We will have a memorial area, opening ceremony and want to make sure that your loved one is remembered.

My mom will always be the reason I do this but after connecting with so many people within the community who have lost loved ones to suicide or who have even struggled with their own attempts, this walk is for them. We’d love for people to sign up and join us next March.



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