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Crystal Beach

Chords: D, C, G

Capo on 3rd

There’s an old town down on the Texas shore

A soft spot on the map you might have never seen before

There isn't much to do there and there ain't much to see

But it's got a gas station, mailbox and a place called the Stingaree

We’d play chicken with barges on the intercoastal canal

And you can't put mayo on a chili burger down at OK’s Corral

Barefooted and loose running on the Dirty Pelican pier

And late nights at Sharky’s is for all the lovers around there

Winter time is quiet but the summer is quite a zoo

Old man Kujawa got a lion there and a tiger too

You'll always find good times at ole’ Decouxes

But watch out for Tim and Jacob, man they’ll play a joke on you

They call it Crystal Beach down near Highway 87

For some it's the end of the road and for others it's Heaven

To me it's a good memory of a place I once roamed

A small town down on the Texas shore I still call home.


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