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Why can't we be friends

RACE, a four letter word that has so much power and depth.

In this new decade, 2020, who would have thought that the color of one’s skin, one’s name, one’s religion, or one’s race would still effect how one is treated!

Unfortunately, that is still the case. Despite living in a country where equality, justice, and freedom are the foundation of our constitution and government, people are being disrespected each day. It seems as though the ethos of humanity has been forgotten.

Children in schools who should make friends based on common interests are choosing to make friends based on race, religion, skin color, etc. This is concerning and makes me question our teachings to our children. As adults, are we modeling and teaching children about acceptance, diversity, inclusion or are we the ones shaping their vision with our unconscious bias to protect them from what we believe may cause them harm?

As a community in Galveston, let’s try to model acceptance of all people and embrace differences. Let’s let differences allow us the opportunity to learn more about each other, rather than putting up a wall and letting our prejudice get in the way. Let’s teach our children that everyone deserves respect and an opportunity to share with the world who they are, despite what color they are, as color is not something a person chooses to be, rather it is something they are born with and cannot change. Let’s model for and teach our children what true equality, justice, and freedom mean and what this country believes in. Let’s all be a community, friends, and a family!


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